Is Latex better than memory foam?

Many people assume latex and memory foam are the same thing.

In reality, they are complete opposites and the sleeping experience they each offer is totally different. Latex actually outperforms memory foam in every way.

Firstly, latex is a natural material while memory foam is made from chemicals.Latex is seven times more breathable than memory foam and does not feel hot. Latex is simultaneously supportive and pressure relieving, while memory foam has only pressure relieving qualities. Latex provides 33% more pressure relief while offering instant support because of its buoyant nature.

You sink into a memory foam mattress, which makes it really difficult to move, while latex keeps you on top of the bed and moves with you when you change sleeping positions.

Latex is healthier and creates a naturally hypoallergenic sleeping environment, free of dust-mites, mould and mildew, making it ideal for allergy sufferers. Also, latex does not give off the harmful fumes that may be present with memory foam.

Finally, latex is more durable and lasts much longer than memory foam.



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